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We welcome your support as a member. As such you will be supporting us financially and can become involved in the running the campaign and its policies. Our subscription rates are:

Annual Subscriptions
Type Low Income Standard
Full Member £1 £2
Household # £2 £4
Commuted membership:
Pay 5 years in advance
for 6 years membership

If you wish to join please click here for a Membership Application Form that you can print out. However, if you do not want to commit to membership we would welcome you as a registered supporter. This means that you will be advised as to when our newsletter "Pedal Power" is available to view on the website and we can also advise you of any issues or campaigns where we would welcome your support.

If you wish to register as a supporter please register here.

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If you have a problem such as a Pot Hole to report or any other suggestions relating to cycle facilities please click here.

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