Pedal Power Issue 33 April 2001


Cycling OK so long as you stay on the tarmac

The CTC is encouraging cyclists to play their part in keeping the rural economy and countryside tourism alive by continuing to use the minor roads network, not to stop riding or cancel planned Easter trips.

To quote Nick Brown, Minister for Agriculture "The public should stay away from farms and livestock. This does not mean that people should not visit market towns, go to events taking place in villages or admire the landscape."

The Guidelines are:

1. The risks of transmission of Foot and Mouth Disease by cyclists are no different to any other user of the countryside.

2. There is no reason to restrict the movement of cyclists on road.

3. Countryside users should not enter premises or areas formally restricted by MAFF or local authorities, including closed sections of the rights of way network. All offroad events are cancelled or postponed until further notice. Avoid all areas where there are or may be livestock, including car parks, headquarters, venues and other areas that are offroad or on agricultural land. Do not enter such areas even on a casual basis i.e. for breaks or picnics.

4. We encourage cyclists to behave with sensitivity to local feelings, to avoid confrontational behaviour and avoid congregating in large groups. Respect the wishes of landowners who may also want to restrict access to their properties.

5. Please go to for specific FMD related advice and new regulations if travelling abroad with your bike.

Leisure Centre Cycle Parking

As many of you will have noted the number of cycle parking spaces at the Leisure Centre has contracted and the new covered cycle parking has been placed somewhat eccentrically. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of the Cycle Consultative Group the management of the Leisure Centre failed to consult properly and it is apparent from subsequent correspondence that the management share many of the prejudices against cyclists common in much of the population. The Group is continuing to look for ways of improving on the situation but the saga is inicative of the difficulties experienced in getting higher priority given to pedestrians and cyclists.

Campaign Officers:-

Chair Ariadne Tampion 211468 Secretary Clive Davis 0115 9831308

Treasurer David Bentley 236695 Membership Sec. John Catt 211468

Publicity Officer Clive Davis 0115 9831308

Newletter Editor John Catt 211468

Committee :- Roger Hill, Ruth Youngs, Anthony Kay and Sophie Catt.

Any letters or articles for inclusion in the newsletter should be sent to the Editor at 32 Bramcote Road,

Loughborough, LE11 2SA.

Forthcoming Events

CAMPAIGN MEETINGS are held on the second Monday of the month at John Storer House at 7-30pm.

9th April Review of PPG 13 (Governments latest guidance notes re. planning & transport.

19th May Picnic in the Park (starts at noon). We will have display. No JSH meeting in May.

16th - 24th June National Bike Week. No JSH meeting in June.

9th July Ride to inspect local cycle facilities (meet JSH)

13th August Social Pub Ride (meet JSH).

Our subscriptions are very low to encourage membership, so if you are not already a member we very much hope you will consider joining us by filling in the application form below and sending it with your subscription to:

The Membership Secretary, Loughborough and District Cycle Users' Campaign, 32 Bramcote Road, Loughborough, Leics. LE11 2SA.

If you have any queries, please feel free to phone us on Loughborough 211468.

Name(s) ________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Postcode ____________

Telephone ___________________________

Email ________________________________________________

Place of work ________________________________________________

Annual Subscription: Unwaged Waged

Full Member £1 £2

Household # £2 £4

(Please circle as appropriate) # several people at the same address.

I do not object to the group keeping these details on a computer database, providing they are not released to any outside bodies.

Signed ___________________` Date ____________



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