Proposal for Town Centre to be opened up to Cyclists

Leicestershire County Council has proposed the introduction of a new Pedestrian & Cycle Zone in Loughborough Town Centre. The changes are being proposed to make the restrictions in Loughborough Town Centre easier to understand and to reduce sign clutter so improving the attractiveness of the area. It is proposed to combine the existing pedestrian zones on Market Street, Cattle Market, Market Place, Swan Street & Biggin Street into a single zone covering the whole area and with the same restrictions throughout. The zone will become a combined 24 hour Pedestrian & Cycle Zone. Full details of the proposal can be found here .

The proposal is open to consultation and comments can be sent to or via this online comment form. The consultation closes on 14th March 2018.

ACTION - We have long campaigned for the town centre to be made permeable for cyclists on non market days. Please register your support for this proposal and encourage your friends and anyone else sympathetic to cycling to do so.

Creating better streets

Coincidentally the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation has just published its study “Creating better streets: Inclusive and accessible places” which can be downloaded here .

This is a review of the issue of shared space and how it is being designed, implemented and installed across England and provides a series of recommendations to Government and industry on how this complex issue can be further improved and developed. The review’s recommendations are aimed at making our highways inclusive, safer and a positive part of the public realm and community around them.

Included in the report is the statement that “The designs of pedestrian-prioritised streets have meant that they are useable by cyclists without requiring any dedicated facilities. Again, the review has been mindful of research carried out by TRL which showed that conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists in fully pedestrianised streets are rare, with cyclists slowing and eventually dismounting as pedestrian volumes increase”.

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