Putting pressure on County!

A message from County Councillor & Campaign Member - Max Hunt

Having been re-elected, I am keen to work even harder on cycle provision, infrastructure and safety. I will be monitoring the successful bid by Leicester & Leicestershire Councils to the Sustainable Transport Access Fund, designed to encourage more people to walk or cycle to work, schools and colleges. I am also pressing the County Council to respond positively to the Government's new Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, which I am sure they will.

I would welcome suggestions as to where to make the pitch and make a LCWIP (Local Cycling & Walling Plan) effective - what snags are there and how might we overcome them to get the effects desired by the Strategy? On what should Leicestershire best pitch its bids?

See goo.gl/EALHK0 .

Max Hunt - 58 William St Loughborough LE11 3BZ 07793 369 888

Parking Protected Cycle Lanes in Leicester?

Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby has said he would consider introducing parking protected cycle lanes in the city. Such lanes, which are widely used in North America and Europe, are located between the pavement and car parking lane spaces, with a buffer separating them from the latter. Their location “reduces risk of ‘dooring’ compared to a bike lane and eliminates the risk of a doored bicyclist being run over by a motor vehicle.”

Sir Peter said that some locations in the city might be suitable for a parking protected lane and that "It is a creative, simple and relatively inexpensive method which means the parked cars actually provide a physical barrier to protect cyclists from traffic”. However, Leicester Cycling Campaign Group have questioned whether the city is suited to such infrastructure.

Trans Pennine Trail

By Simon Geller - Deputy Chair, Friends of the Trans-Pennine Trail

If you’ve cycled, hiked or ridden a horse in Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Barnsley, Chesterfield and many of the towns in between you’ve probably used the Trans Pennine Trail at some point. The Trail links of all these places and has created a green corridor across the North of England - a sort of Northern Greenhouse rather than a Powerhouse.

The Trail is a fantastic achievement and keeping it open requires a lot of work. There are all sorts of threats from people who want to build on it, from tunnels, railway projects, road schemes, housing and industrial development and so on. The Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail work with the TPT Office in Barnsley to help stave off these threats and help to raise funds to improve it. Just recently we have received major funding from the National Grid and private donations to improve accessibility on sections of the Trail. In times of austerity this work is crucial to maintain the integrity of the Trail and make improvements. We are well aware that Trail surfaces are not all they could be and getting them improved is our top priority. In fact, we've worked out that it will take £23 million to bring the Trail up to standard throughout.

But to demonstrate to the funding authorities the public support there is for the Trail we need members! Every member we have represents a demonstration of public commitment to the Trail. Membership is cheap and we provide a regular newsletter to

our supporters. But the most important thing is that you show us your support through a small financial contribution.

And now it's even easier to become a Friend, with the updates we've made to the website. Just go to http://www.transpennineTrail.org.uk/friends/ fill in the form, go through to MyDonate and make a small donation and you're done!

Please take a few moments to become a friend and help us continue to make the Trail the best experience it can be for locals and tourists alike

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