Town Centre to remain closed to Cyclists

The proposal from Leicestershire County Council to open up the town centre to cyclists during shopping hours proved too good to be true. As soon as the proposal was reported by the Echo many local politicians took up a stance that they obviously perceived to be supported by the majority of electors and condemned the proposal.

Ample evidence of this was provided by the considerable opposition in the letters page of the Echo. From some of the comments made, you would think that the County Council had proposed to set up machine guns at either end of the Market Place and practice live firing during shopping hours.

It would seem that the current arrangements will stay in place for the indefinite future.

Leicestershire Consultation on Public Transport

Leicestershire County Council is consulting on a new passenger transport policy and strategy, which aims to ensure that they meet their statutory duties while achieving the best use of money in supporting local passenger transport services.

They want the views of the public to help shape this new passenger transport policy and strategy. The consultation webpage includes further information and a questionnaire.

Cycling and walking safety

As part of its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), The Department for Transport (DfT) is calling for evidence for ‘an open and comprehensive review of how we can address the issues that cyclists and pedestrians face, or perceive, when using our road infrastructure, to support the Government’s aim of increasing cycling and walking.’ The consultation is open until 1st June 2018 and further details can be found here. Please respond to this. You can find suggestions from Cycling UK here.

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