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Based on an article at www.cyclinguk.org

Please support this campaign led by Cycling UK to make the Highway Code supportive of active travel - see below.

Following years of campaigning by cycling organisations, a review of the Highway Code has been initiated by the Government, setting out proposals to make cycling and walking safer, which include:

  • the introduction of either a 'hierarchy of users' or 'hierarchy of responsibility', recognising that road users who pose greater risks to others should have a higher level of responsibility;
  • a new rule tackling 'left hook' collisions, giving priority to whoever is going straight ahead at an unsignalised junction. (A short video explaining how it would work can be found here.);
  • new rules to address dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’, with a guideline minimum safe passing distance of 1.5m at 30mph, 2m at higher speeds;
  • the introduction of the Dutch Reach which makes car occupants turn their head to look over their shoulder before opening the door;
  • amending the rule about riding two abreast so that it will simply advise riding in single file when drivers wish to overtake, and it is safe to let them do so;
  • clarification that cyclists should ride in the centre of the lane, to make themselves as clearly visible as possible (primary position) on quiet roads or streets, moving over to the left if a faster vehicle comes up behind, but only if they can do so safely;
  • rule 140 – Cycle lanes and cycle tracks. The new rule would advise drivers that cyclists don’t have to use cycle lanes or cycle tracks (a common misconception). It includes specific advice to drivers to be prepared to stop and wait for a safe gap in the flow of cyclists before crossing a cycle lane or track;
  • rule 151 – The new rule would advise drivers to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross in front of them in slow moving traffic, clarifying that cyclists can filter past other traffic;
  • rule 178 – Advanced stop lines. The new rule would advise that where a driver has passed the first white line at the time that the signal turns red, they should stop as soon as possible rather than just proceeding to the second line;
  • rule 186 – Drivers would be advised to give priority to cyclists on a roundabout, to give them plenty of room, not attempt to overtake within their lane, and to allow cyclists to move across their path as they travel around the roundabout. There would be further advice that drivers should take extra care when entering a roundabout to ensure that they do not cut across cyclists in the left-hand lane who are continuing around the roundabout.

Cycling UK have prepared a draft consultation response which can be used to support these changes, which can be found on the Cycling UK website.

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