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Leicestershire Cycling and Walking Engagement Survey

Leicestershire County Council is starting the process of drafting a Cycling and Walking Strategy for Leicestershire.

The Council want to find out how you usually travel and what the barriers are to active travel. They have created a short survey to capture views on what they can do to make it easier for you to cycle in Leicestershire and would be very grateful if you could please spare a few minutes to complete it using this link.

Your views will be used to develop the County's Cycling and Walking Strategy, which is due to be published in summer 2021. This consultation runs from 27 January - 10 March 2021.

Campaign for inter Village Cycle Routes

A member of the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group, Rachael Bob, is trying to establish if there are other parents in Leicestershire who would like to campaign together for safe protected routes between Leicestershire villages/areas to allow children to visit their friends independently -reducing car dependency. In a fairly flat county where children live typically within 5 miles of each other in their school catchment areas, this should be the vision to break car dependency, live healthier lives and create better cycling for all. She would like to start lobbying the county council and is looking for like minded parents to do this with.

If you know anyone who would be interested in this please, ask them to contact Rachael via info@lccg.org.uk or their Facebook page.

Urgent case for more walking and cycling

In response to inaccurate and misleading objections raised to some emergency projects, resulting in the removal of schemes to the detriment of the local communities, the Walking and Cycling Alliance has set out the case as to why we need more active travel measures, and addresses some of the criticisms made.

It makes some key points about walking and cycling being vital for people to cope with not only a global pandemic but obesity, inactivity, air quality, climate change and traffic congestion.

  1. £10-£12bn cost of obesity to the NHS by 2030 In the UK. Current cost is around £6bn;
  2. Up to 36,000 deaths every year linked to air pollution in UK;
  3. 33% of UK CO2 emissions are accounted for by road transport;
  4. £6.9bn cost to drivers of congestion in UK cities every year;
  5. 115 hours lost on average by road users in congestion every year in the UK;
  6. Only 2% of all trips in GB are cycled (19% in Denmark and 26% in the Netherlands);
  7. 68% of residents in 12 major urban areas support building more cycle lanes even when this would mean less room for other road traffic.

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