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Problems with A512 Cycle path

Local cyclists have been reporting problems with mud and gravel accumulating, particularly on the section from the M1 to Shepshed, as a result of work on the junction combined with Biffa building an incinerator very close to the A512. The problems are exacerbated by this being where the cycle track is at its narrowest and suffers from an adverse camber.

The contractors have responded and stated that they are going to increase their footpath sweeping operations and work with Biffa to ensure that the footpath is maintained for cyclists.

They have also undertaken to ensure that a cycleway will be maintained throughout their operations, although this may be on the existing carriageway whilst the diverted path is built on the new roundabout.

In the event of cyclists experiencing problems, they should contact A512improvements@morgansindall.com .

Road policing review (England & Wales)

The Government is calling for evidence as part of the Road Policing Review. There is reason to be concerned at low confidence in the police’s ability to deal with evidenced reports of dangerous driving relating to cyclists. If you have had first-hand experience of dealing with roads police in England or Wales following a dangerous driving incident, please make a personal response here .

Cycling to School

There’s no doubt our politicians want children cycling to school. However, the amount they’re willing to spend to make it happen is less clear. Words like “encourage” and “promote” crop up repeatedly, but actual interventions to create safe space for cycling to and from schools are less forthcoming.

Cycling UK surveyed 175 parents from throughout the UK directly. Sixty-two percent of parents said that their children cycled more – or started cycling for the first time – during lockdown. When it comes to the school run, 24% of parents surveyed said that their child cycled to school at least once a week pre-lockdown, now 45% said they expect to do the school run by bike at least once a week.

Sadly, that’s where the good news ends. Although 89% of parents said they’d like their children to cycle to school, just 21% said they felt the roads were safe enough. The great majority of surveyed parents identified protected cycle routes to and from schools as the single most effective measure that would encourage their children to cycle to school.

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If you have a problem such as a Pot Hole to report or any other suggestions relating to cycle facilities please click here.

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