This year’s AGM will take place at 7-30pm on Monday 13th March 2017 at the Toby Carvery, Forest Road, Loughborough, LE11 3HU. Please try and attend as we had diffculty in achieving a quorum last year.

Candidates’ Cycle Ride

by Stephen Watson

On 4th May 2017, there will be an election for Leicestershire County Council (LCC) which is responsible for highways and transport. Before the election we would like to organise a short ride around Loughborough, to which all the candidates standing in Loughborough will be invited. The ride will have several aims:

The idea is to make it a friendly and positive event, not an occasion to harangue politicians about everything which they are doing wrong!

Getting involved

We need your help! On the day, we will need people to come along on the ride and chat to the candidates. If some of the candidates don’t have a working bike but still want to come, it would be good if they could be lent a bike. We also are open to suggestions on the route – what roads in Loughborough do you find particularly bad or good for cycling?

To get involved, please contact Stephen Watson ( or Kevin Dakin ( . I (Stephen) would be very happy to meet up and discuss ideas over coffee/beer.

More information about a candidates’ bike ride can be found at

Do you do the Dutch Reach?

In recent months, the Dutch Reach has been gaining notoriety, and for good reason; it is the name of a simple manoeuvre that, if widely adopted by motorists, could save lives.

It is a method of opening a car door for a driver (or passenger) in which you use your far hand rather than the near hand. In the UK, if you are the driver, you would look to open your door with your left hand, not your right. As you reach across your chest, your body naturally turns, making it easier not just to check your mirrors for oncoming traffic (including cyclists), but also places you in a position to actually see the traffic. If it’s safe to do so, you can then open your door, and as you’re reaching across your body, you can ensure the door only opens partially, and not to its full extent.

It’s taught in the Netherlands during driving instruction, and has been helping to save lives over there for close to fifty years. A demonstration can be viewed at here.

In 2015, there were 474 reported car 'dooring' incidents, according to the Department for Transport. Many of these might have been avoided if the Dutch Reach was a common practice in the UK. Not all of these would have resulted in serious injury or death, but the risk is definitely there, as we know all too well with cases like that of Leicester school teacher, Sam Boulton, killed outside Leicester station.

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