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Quorn to Old Woodhouse Bridleway

By Neil Parr

In the last Pedal Power I wrote an article about the potential to refurbish the Quorn to Old Woodhouse Bridleway to offer an alternative route between the communities, which avoids the busy B591.

I can report that at the moment we are having some success with the project. This year, Leicestershire County Council has been given additional central government funding to support cycling and walking and they have now included this bridleway on their list of potential projects. The funding must be spent before April 2022 or it will be lost and there is currently no guarantee of similar funding for next year.

We are currently in the process of obtaining costs for the work and establishing how to allocate the funds. In the short term there may be an improvement to the overgrown vegetation along the bridleway as it must be cut back before any work can start. This will be paid for from the normal maintenance fund.

It is a little early at this stage to predict complete success but we are confident that some improvements will be carried out. The outlook will be clearer by the end of November.

P.S. If there is a track near you that needs work then now is the time to contact your county councillor. There may still be some funding that has not been allocated and your councillor may not be aware of the possibilities. However, the clock is ticking..........April is only 4 months away.

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