Invitation to Talk in Leicester

Leicester Cycling Campaign Group have sent an open invitation to all cyclists in the vicinity to attend talks following the formal business of their AGM at Leicester Secular Hall on Saturday 30th March at 11am (AGM 10-11am). The urban design engineer Brian Deegan has agreed to give a talk and they are hoping to get a couple of people carrying out cycling-related research at the local universities to speak about their work.

Brian has been working with Leicester City Council to draw up a Healthy Streets design guide. His skills have also been applied to the major restructuring of London Road, the main A6 where it passes Leicester Railway Station, which is now well under way. He will talk on his work in Leicester and elsewhere and the plan is to look at progress on the ground on the way to lunch afterwards, weather permitting.

The aim is to finish by 1pm, with a safari before lunch in a local eating house for those able to stay (pay your own way).

Cycling Science Symposium

Perhaps not of direct interest to most cycle campaigners, it may be of interest to those who wish to have a better understanding of how our bodies react to the activity of cycling.

Loughborough University has invited Professor David Bishop, an internationally acknowledged expert on the adaptations to training, and four other academics to talk about cycling performance on Thursday, 28 March 2019 17:30 – 20:00 . It should be a very interesting couple of hours and pre-registration for a place is essential because the symposium will attract  a large audience. Go to if you are interested.

Careless or Dangerous?

The court case following the death of Chris Boardman’s mother has concluded. Liam Rosney had pleaded guilty in December to causing death by careless driving, and was sentenced to 30 weeks in prison and is disqualified from driving for 18 and a half months.

Speaking to the press prior to the sentencing Chris questioned how taking a life can be treated as carelessness. He said, "our legal system thinks that's OK, and it's wrong.”

No family should have to go through what the Boardmans’ have, only for an avoidable situation to be dismissed as mere carelessness. Cycling UK and the campaign groups will continue to lobby for a wider review of road traffic offences and sentencing, that will address the failings of careless and dangerous driving offences.

In other aspects of our lives, high safety standards are expected where there are inherent risks (e.g. rail and air travel, in the workplace or on construction sites), and the law creates strong obligations to avoid or minimise hazards. Although driving a motorised vehicle on a public road also presents a risk to others, the cultural attitude to that risk is different. There, lapses of concentration are regularly dismissed as ‘accidents’ or ‘carelessness’ rather than something that is avoidable, reflecting the attitude that an absence of care and the resultant collisions are inevitable.

The legal framework should instead make it clearer that it is unacceptable to endanger other road users, and that road crime is real crime.

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