Loughborough College Car Park Barriers

Steven Brandist reports that Loughborough College have installed additional car park barriers. One is on the rear edge of the site - the road that leads to the rear car park and towards William Way. The other is across the entire carriageway of Radmoor Road - the main road that crosses the site.

The site is not public land and the roads are technically private. In term time a huge proportion of pedestrian and cycle traffic is heading across the site to/from the University. It seems that the cycle provision has not been thought through. There is no bypass or dropped kerb for cyclists and wheelchair users.

On the other barriers on the site the poles have been cut short and a cycle lane has been painted on the ground.

Ray Clay has already complained on behalf of Cycling UK. We will be adding to this if no changes are made. If you are passing and note that the arrangements are still unsatisfactory, please email the Principal: Heather.macdonald@loucoll.ac.uk with a copy to Max.hunt@leics.gov.uk .

Photos by Steven Brandist

Leicestershire’s Highway maintenance

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has launched a consultation to seek feedback on how Leicestershire’s roads, pavements and verges should be maintained in the future.

Currently £26M is spent each year on looking after the county’s roads, pavements and verges. The target for the budget by 2020 is £16.5m. The Council is proposing a new strategy for its budget which will:

To participate please go to www.leicestershire.gov.uk/highwaysconsultation. You need to submit your views by midnight Sunday 25 September 2016.

Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan

The nine local authorities in Leicester and Leicestershire together with the Leicester & Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) are preparing a new Strategic Plan.

The ambition is that the plan will make it possible to control - jointly, for Leicester and Leicestershire - how expected population and economic growth will be accommodated and supported, and how existing problems can be resolved:

Member may wish to submit their views. In particular you might wish to emphasise the need for future development to make it easy to adopt a lifestyle based on active travel, in particular by:

A consultation on the draft Strategic Growth Statement is under way ending on 16th September 2016. You will find details at http://www.llstrategicgrowthplan.org.uk/.


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